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Tracy Park Historic District

Representative Sample of Properties

1. FRENCH COTTAGE (1148 South Peoria Avenue) 1921
French CottageWilliam D. Jackson built this house with an exterior facade that is a replica of a cottage in which he was billeted during World War I in Normandy. Architect John McDonnell helped with this Tulsa version of a French farmhouse, according to an article written by John Brooks Walton (1998), Tulsa architect and historian. Walter and Eva Humphrey purchased the house in 1921. Mrs. Humphrey, an avid gardener whose garden was as well known as the house, lived in the house until her death in 1966. Design features such as casement windows, stucco exterior, high-pitched roofline, and a U-shaped floor plan add to its charming, rural style (Walton, 1998).
2. ROBINSON HOUSE (1119 South Owasso Avenue) 1927
Adah Robinson HouseThe area attracted teacher and designer Adah Robinson, who, with the help of architects Bruce Goff and Joseph Koberling, built her house and studio facing the park. This hollow tile and stucco Art Deco house has leaded glass windows, terrazzo floors and a contemporary design decades ahead of its construction date. The two-story living room has an open balcony running the length of the room and a sunken conversation pit with a fireplace.
3. BAYER HOUSE (1220 South Owasso Avenue) 1922
Bayer HouseThis stucco clad English Tudor Revival style house was built in 1922. Records show that the original owners from 1922 through 1958 were Cora and Lloyd F. Bayer. In 1959, Carla and Bill F. Lund became the subsequent owners. Details with English Tudor Revival style on this house include paired narrow casement windows with multi-pane glazing and decorative half-timbering on the front-facing entry gable over the heavy board-and-batten door. The end placed chimney with decorative chimney pots is also typical of the style.
4. O’BANNON HOUSE (1231 South Owasso Avenue) 1929
O’Bannon HouseThis two-story Spanish Eclectic style stucco house was built in 1929 by Walter A. and Sue F. O’Bannon. Prior to living in this house, they resided at 1132 South Norfolk Avenue, also in Tracy Park, from 1924-1929. Details of the house having Spanish characteristics include the multi-level tile roof, covered porch with arched openings enhanced by carved spiral columns, casement windows, and heavy wood entry door. There are wrought iron cantilevered balconies and decorative tile vents which add interest to this lovely home.
5. MCMICHAEL HOUSE (1245 South Owasso Avenue) 1921
McMichael HouseThis two-and-a-half story, brick Federal Style home was built in 1921. The original owner, according to record, was Mrs. Jennie McMichael (1923). A lovely entry foyer and grand staircase are oriented toward the door facing 13th Street, that is believed to have been the front door for many years. The back and side yards are beautifully landscaped with urns of flowering annuals, fountains, and benches. This house has been featured nationally on Home and Garden Television and also locally with television personality Karen Keith.
6. BUCHNER HOUSE (1218 South Newport Avenue) 1925
Buchner HouseThis Colonial Revival (Federal style) house built in 1925 was originally owned by Charles E. and Irene Buchner. The house is symmetrical, wood clad, and has multi-pane over single pane windows with decorative shutters. The front door is accentuated by a decorative crown supported by slender columns to form an entry porch.
7. COX HOUSE (1245 South Newport Avenue) 1921
Cox HouseThis brick Colonial Revival (Federal style) house was originally owned by Theodore and Bessie W. Cox. Mr. Cox was a real estate investor and was one of the original developers of the Tracy Park addition with R. W. Castle (1235 South Newport Avenue) and S. W. Parrish. With its side gabled roof, Adamesque style entry, and three pedimented dormers, this house is a striking example of one of the most popular building traditions at the time it was built (1921).

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