HP Permit Application Form

Permit App ImageThe Historic Preservation (HP) Permit Application is a two-page form that is the starting point of the HP review process. The application describes the work you are proposing to do on your property.

Download the HP Permit Application, complete it, and submit it along with supporting documentation outlined below to TPC staff. This application is submitted for ALL projects, including restoration, additions, and new construction. There is no fee for submitting a HP Permit application.

Supporting Documentation

Your HP Permit application should include enough details to thoroughly and clearly describe the scope of the proposed work. The clearer the application, the easier the review process! The following is a list of documentation that should be submitted with your application (digitally, if possible). Questions? Contact TPC Staff.

  • Color photographs of each affected side of the property (digital is best).
  • Site plan showing location of structures on site, property line, and adjacent structures on neighboring lots (no larger than 11 x 17, please).
  • Elevation sketches or drawings showing the location and design of the proposed work. Architectural renderings will be necessary for new construction or additions, while hand drawings may be adequate to picture smaller alterations or repairs. Note materials directly on the sketches when possible (both existing and proposed materials, please).
  • Product brochures and/or material samples.
  • Color photographs and/or reports documenting damage or deterioration to existing elements (if applicable).
  • Photographs that show examples of similar work already existing in the neighborhood, preferably on the same street as your property (digital is best).
  • Window Repair and Replacement Guide and Window Survey Form for proposed window repair and replacement

Questions that your application materials should answer:

  1. What are the current conditions, dimensions, and materials of the part of the property where you are proposing to perform the work?
  2. What specifically are you proposing to do? What are the materials, dimensions, design and trim details, etc.?
  3. Does the proposed work conform to the design guidelines for the historic district?
  4. How does the work you are proposing for your property relate to other properties on the same street?
  5. Are there existing examples in the neighborhood of what you are proposing to do?