About the Tulsa Preservation Commission

The Tulsa Preservation Commission runs the City of Tulsa’s historic preservation program. We’re here to help! Commissioners and staff work with residents, building owners, neighborhood organizations, and City of Tulsa departments and officials to protect and enhance our city’s fine cultural and architectural heritage.

The Tulsa Preservation Commission strives to promote Tulsa’s welfare through the preservation and protection of our many historic resources. The Commission maintains and expands its inventory of those resources, and uses that information for preservation planning. The Commission administers the Historic Preservation Zoning Overlay and associated residential permit process, and deals with Zoning Map Amendments and other government actions affecting historic properties.

In addition, we work to educate the general public about the significance of Tulsa’s historic assets and provide information on the best ways to care for older buildings. Commissioners and staff are always happy to assist the public with preservation matters. Details about the Commission’s responsibilities can be found in the Tulsa Zoning Code.

The City of Tulsa also achieved Certified Local Government status from the National Park Service to help strengthen our historic preservation program. As a Certified Local Government, Tulsa benefits from a local partnership with the Oklahoma State Historic Preservation Office and the National preservation program.

The Commission’s program continues to expand and evolve to meet the community’s needs. Commissioners and staff are interested in what you have to say.