National Register of Historic Places

Districts Listed

Individual Buildings Listed

Tulsa is fortunate to have numerous districts and individual buildings listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The National Register of Historic Places is our country’s official list of historic buildings, districts, sites, objects, and structures that are significant to our past and worthy of preservation.

The U.S. Department of the Interior administers the National Register through the National Park Service, with the assistance of State Historic Preservation Offices, Tribal Historic Preservation Offices, and Certified Local Government entities like the Tulsa Preservation Commission.

The National Register is an inventory of our cultural achievements: the tangible elements of our history, architecture, and archaeology. Listing of a property in the National Register is important because it:

  1. Provides recognition of the property’s significance
  2. Extends limited protection when the resource is affected by a federally funded action
  3. Makes the property eligible for federal and state rehabilitation tax credits, and other federal assistance when funds are available
  4. Establishes a nationally recognized standard for local identification and protection of historic resources

National Register listing is an honor, recognizing that the listed property is a special place. It does not impose restrictions on the use, sale, or maintenance of the property. Listing a property does not require adherence to specific rehabilitation guidelines unless federal funds are used.

Process for Listing Properties on the National Register of Historic Places