The COA Review Process

The Certificate of Appropriateness process is administered through public meetings. Applicants and interested parties are encouraged to attend.

A typical COA application is presented at two meetings* — on Tuesday to the COA Subcommittee and on Thursday to the full Tulsa Preservation Commission, at which time a decision to approve or deny the application is made.


  • processappTPC Staff receives COA Application along with supporting plans, photographs and brochures from applicant.
  • processpresentcoaAt the COA Subcommittee Meeting, TPC staff presents application to the Subcommittee members.*
  • processmeetcoaCOA Subcommittee decides if the application is complete and votes on a recommendation to the full Commission.
  • processpresenttpc
    TPC staff presents the application to the full Tulsa Preservation Commission. The COA Subcommitee Chair explains the subcommittee’s recommendation.
  • processmeettpc
    The Tulsa Preservation Commission votes whether to approve or deny the application for a Certificate of Appropriateness.
  • processcoa
    If approved, a Certificate of Appropriateness is issued to the applicant, typically within a few business days. Applicants who are denied can reapply.

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*New construction projects (brand new buildings on cleared land) are reviewed twice at the COA Subcommittee level due to the complexity of the applications.