Chapter 10A – Section 1050

Table of Contents
1050. Purposes
1051. Definitions
1052. Tulsa Preservation Commission
1053. Historic Preservation District Provisions
1054. Historic Preservation District – Zoning Map Amendments
1055. Certificate of Appropriateness

Section 1050. Purposes.

The purposes of this chapter are:

  1. To promote the educational, cultural, economic and general welfare of the public through the conservation, preservation, protection and regulation of historic resources within the City of Tulsa;
  2. To safeguard the cultural, social, political and architectural heritage of the City by conserving, preserving and regulating historic preservation districts;
  3. To conserve, preserve and enhance the environmental quality and economic value of historic preservation districts;
  4. To strengthen the City’s economic base by promotion of conservation and reuse of the City’s historic resources;
  5. To promote the development of the community in accordance with the Comprehensive Plan and Historic Preservation Plan.