How You Can Help

Endangered Buildings & Places

Terra Cotta panel from Halliburton-Abbott Building
Fortunately, Tulsa’s awareness of the importance of our historic resources is on the rise — but we’re not out of the woods yet! Many of our most significant structures are still at risk, and we must continue to raise community-wide awareness of their value and promote alternatives to demolition.
Preservation Oklahoma publicizes Oklahoma’s Most Endangered Historic Places List each year, and advocates for historic preservation statewide. Preservation Oklahoma encourages you to get involved in helping to protect the significant places of our past in Tulsa and throughout Oklahoma.
POK offers the following essential steps in effective preservation efforts:


Make people aware of your preservation project. Publicize preservation efforts. Approach news media. Welcome all opinions.


Well-organized local action is the key to successful preservation efforts. Define local preservation issues and goals. Seek the help of concerned individuals and organizations.

Know Your Facts

Is the building listed on the National Register of Historic Places? Who owns the building? Is there an immediate threat? Who can help?

Conduct a Survey

Surveying historic, architectural and cultural resources is the basis for all preservation planning.

Learn From Others

Find models for your preservation efforts. Learn lessons from the past.

Be Proactive

Come early to a project, and you are an advocate. Come late and you are an adversary.

Take a Positive Approach

It will help build long-term respect for current and future preservation projects.

*Reprinted with permission from Oklahoma’s Most Endangered Historic Places 2006 postcards.