Carlton Place Properties

Carlton Place Historic District

Representative Sample of Properties

1. Entry Gate (South 14th Street and South Carson Avenue) 1909
Entry Gate The entrances to the addition from the north originally had large, red brick entry gates. This is the only remaining entry gate. The upper tablet on both sides of each marker has a centrally located “M” which likely stands for Magee, the name of the original developer of the neighborhood. The lower tablet reads “09,” representing the year the addition was platted. Extending off the side of the markers and over the sidewalk on both sides of the street are decorative, black, wrought iron arches, held aloft by shorter, slender, red brick columns.
2. Craftsman (1406 South Carson Avenue) 1910
Craftsman This two-story, Bungalow/Craftsman style, weatherboard and wood shingle, single dwelling has an asphalt-covered, cross-gabled roof and a stone foundation. The wood windows are twelve-over-one and six-over-one, hung.
The full-width porch has a low brick wall and a front-gable over the north side supported by wood columns on stone piers. Other exterior features include a stone, exterior, eave wall chimney. Decorative details include triangular knee braces, exposed rafters and triple and ribbon windows.
3. Bungalow (1407 South Carson Avenue) 1912
Bungalow This two-story, Bungalow/Craftsman style, weatherboard, single dwelling has an asphalt-covered, side-gabled roof and a stone foundation. The wood windows are vertical, six-over-one, hung. The full-width porch is under the principle roof. The porch has a decorative wood railing and double and triple wood columns on stone piers. On the second floor, there is a small double front-gabled dormer creating a porch area with a decorative wood railing that matches the porch. Other exterior features include a composite masonry, exterior eave wall chimney and a brick, interior, slope chimney. Decorative details include exposed rafters, double and triple windows, triangular knee braces and decorative wood trusses in the gable ends.
4. Prairie School (1422 South Carson Avenue) 1913
Prairie School This two-story, weatherboard and wood shingle, Prairie School style, single dwelling has an asphalt-covered, hipped roof and a brick foundation. The wood windows are twelve-over-one, hung. The full-width porch has a low-pitched, hipped roof supported by two evenly spaced sets of double, square, wood columns on the low brick porch wall. Decorative details include boxed, wide, overhanging eaves with exposed rafters.

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