Oklahoma Iron Works – Bethlehem Supply Company Building

Kristin Pack Historic Buildings

The OklahOK_TulsaCounty_OklahomaIronWorks_0007oma Iron Works/Bethlehem Supply Company Building is a massive industrial building located on a 22-acre site northeast of Tulsa’s Central Business District and on the eastern edge of the Greenwood District. The massive industrial building contains approximately 118,210 square feet and has an irregular massing that illustrates its evolution during the fifty year period from 1911 to 1961.

This 22-acre site was originally part of a 30-acre site acquired in 1911 for the manufacturing plant of the Oklahoma Iron Works and became home to the Bethlehem Supply Company in late 1938. The tract became the site for more than a dozen industrial buildings and structures, most of which have been removed. The Oklahoma Iron Works/Bethlehem Supply Company Building is notable for its massive size. The oldest portions of the building have red brick walls, steel-framed multiple-light industrial style windows, and immense metal-covered gable roofs with skylights, steel-framed multiple light clerestories, monitors, and ventilators. The windows and clerestories have sections that pivot open. The later additions typically had walls sheathed with sheets of galvanized metal and large expanses of steel-framed multiple-light industrial windows. The interior of all of the additions are characterized by open volumes with exposed steel columns and trusses. Throughout the interior, industrial style lights hang from the trusses.