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Phillips 66 Station #473

2224 East Admiral Boulevard  (map it)

Built: 1929

Phillips 66 Station #473

Located a block west of Whittier Square in Tulsa, Phillips 66 Station #473 was one of the early businesses in the first suburban commercial development in Tulsa. Built in the prototypical Phillips 66 cottage style so as to blend into residential areas, the station at first consisted of a simple tiny cottage with chimney in the front. A grassy lawn to the east of the station continues around the rear of the building, again providing the visual association with domestic houses and yards.

Constructed of red brick, the original building, like other Phillips 66 stations, was painted a dark green; the paint has been largely removed, although patches and flecks of the green are still evident on this station more than on most Phillips cottage stations that still exist. The roof retains, in places, some of the original orange and blue shingles characteristic of the Phillips 66 service stations. Rain gutters and drain spouts under the eaves are original with the ornamental box designs evident in early photographs.

As with many of these stations when they prospered and their business grew, this station also expanded, building on to the west elevation in 1941 with a garage and service bay that was linked to the original structure with an enclosed work/store space. Characteristic of other Phillips 66 additions, the garage is at a slightly larger scale than the original building so as to accommodate the vehicular repairs necessary inside. The vehicle door, which rises in panels, is original and opaque security glass has been installed in the topmost pair of panels.

The original station included pump islands both north and west of the cottage building; those on the west were removed to accommodate the expansion of the building and those on the north have been removed in modern times after the building no longer served as a gasoline station.

Phillips 66 Station #473 was listed in the National Register on December 6, 2004. It was listed under National Register Criteria A and C, and its NRIS number is 04001332.

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